Introducing EventsBot for Portland
Find events directly on slack

It doesn't mattter where the event is listed. Be it Calagator or Meetup or EventBrite or whatever, EventBot pulls all the required information and pops it into your slack channel

I'm a Bot

A Chatbot to be precise. I process your requests on popular messaging platforms like slack so that you don't have to download another mobile app

Quick and Easy

You can ask me to show the events in any category of your interest and date. I answer with full information quickly. No need to make full sentenses.

Always Learning

I'm built on natural language processing system. To some extent I understand how humans speak. Even when I get confused by your question, I still learn. I'm always learning.


I pull event information from everywhere. Some key sources include Meetup, Eventbrite, Calagator etc. Before you know it I'll be pulling information from millions of sources.

Event Promotions

EventBot promotes important events on Twitter and other social media channel to benefit the public. If you believe one of your events needs to promoted, please contact us.

Event Listing

If you run events and like us to add to our long list of event planners, please let us know. We are quite happy to add it to our list so that more people can find your events easily.

Sign up for beta access

We keep building useful chatbots. Get access to early versions, it is a lot of fun mucking around!